CADLink is a database of literature-based evidence—that is, evidence extracted from the scientific literature, typically peer-reviewed publications. It contains information on the cause-effect relationships evaluated in each publication, along with relevant details such as study design, location, and analytical results. This evidence can be used to develop and evaluate the causal pathways included in environmental assessments.

Users can search for information in the database via an Oracle Application Express (APEX) interface. The database can also be used with CADDIS’ Interactive Conceptual Diagram (ICD) tool, which allows users to link entries to specific causal pathways shown in user-developed conceptual model diagrams.

Please note that this is a beta (test) version of CADLink. We welcome your feedback on potential improvements as we continue development; please contact us with any problems you encounter or to suggest changes.

CADLink replaces CADLit, the original CADDIS literature database. CADLit information can be searched and downloaded via the CADLink APEX interface, but data can no longer be entered into CADLit.

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