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33 Foundry Street Morrisville, VT 05661
44.564293 / -72.59899100000001

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Property Progress

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CAs Associated with this Property

CA NameCA #StateTypeAnnouncement Year
Lamoille County Planning CommissionBF96115901VTAssessment2009

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Assessment Activities at this Property

ActivityEPA FundingStart DateCompletion DateCAAccomplishment Counted?Counted When?
Phase I Environmental Assessment$5,500.0001/23/201304/24/2013Lamoille County Planning CommissionYFY15
Phase II Environmental Assessment$47,572.0003/27/201309/13/2013Lamoille County Planning CommissionN 

Is Cleanup Necessary? Yes
EPA Assessment Funding: $53,072.00
Leveraged Funding: $398.00
Total Funding: $53,470.00

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Contaminants and Media

Petroleum Products
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up

Cleanup Activities

There are no current cleanup activities.

Cleanup/Treatment Implemented:
Cleanup/Treatement Categories:
Addl Cleanup/Treatment info:
Address of Data Source:
Total ACRES Cleaned Up: .32
Number of Cleanup Jobs Leveraged:
EPA Cleanup Funding:
Leveraged Funding:
Cost Share Funding:
Total Funding:

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Institutional and Engineering Controls


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Redevelopment and Other Leveraged Accomplishments

There are no current redevelopment activities.

Number of Redevelopment Jobs Leveraged:
Actual Acreage of Greenspace Created:
Leveraged Funding:

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Additional Property Attributes

Former Use: Former machine shop of foundry.
Industry (.32)
Hazardous & Petroleum
ID Number (if Applicable): 2003-3155 Enrolled:

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