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Colby Road Colebrook, NH 03576
44.89386 / -71.49867
Hayes, Jeffrey
603-444-6303 x22

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Property Progress

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CAs Associated with this Property

CA NameCA #StateTypeAnnouncement Year
North Country CouncilBF97115001NHAssessment2004

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Assessment Activities at this Property

ActivityEPA FundingStart DateCompletion DateCAAccomplishment Counted?Counted When?
Phase I Environmental Assessment$3,900.0001/23/2006 North Country CouncilN 

Is Cleanup Necessary? Unknown
EPA Assessment Funding: $3,900.00
Leveraged Funding:
Total Funding: $3,900.00

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Contaminants and Media

Petroleum Products
Cleaned Up
Cleaned Up

Cleanup Activities

Start DateEPA FundingCompletion DateCAAccomplishment Counted?Cleanup Documentation
   North Country CouncilNo 

Cleanup/Treatment Implemented:
Cleanup/Treatement Categories:
Addl Cleanup/Treatment info:
Address of Data Source:
Total ACRES Cleaned Up: 1
Number of Cleanup Jobs Leveraged:
EPA Cleanup Funding:
Leveraged Funding:
Cost Share Funding:
Total Funding: $0.00

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Institutional and Engineering Controls


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Redevelopment and Other Leveraged Accomplishments

Start DateLeveraged FundingCACompletion Date
10/01/2005 North Country Council 

Number of Redevelopment Jobs Leveraged:
Actual Acreage of Greenspace Created:
Leveraged Funding:

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Additional Property Attributes

Former Use: Old storage building with bulging oil tanks in the back and a concern about dynamite inside. Building was inherited by three sisters and father used to work with dynamite. No local contractor will touch the building. Town is concerned about safety since school children slide down the snow bank in the front of the building. Many local complaints because of this.

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