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Question Number: 7, 1998 EPCRA 313 Q&A: Definition of Facility; Pipeline

7. Two covered bulk petroleum stations owned by the same parent company, but a considerable distance apart from each other, are connected to each other by a pipeline. The parent company has an easement to access the pipeline but the land on which the pipeline rests is not owned by the parent company. The easement only allows the parent company to conduct repairs on a sporadic basis. The parent company has no other rights to the land and does not exert any other control over the land. For the purposes of reporting on the Form R, are the two stations considered two separate facilities?
Yes. Since the two bulk petroleum stations are not contiguous or adjacent properties and are connected only by a pipeline, the two stations are considered two separate facilities with the same owner. The parent company has an easement on which the pipeline is located, but does not control, operate, or own the land on which the pipeline rests to an appropriate degree.