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Question Number: 50, 1998 EPCRA 313 Q&A: Change of Ownership; Reporting Responsibility

50. Company A owns and operates an electricity generating facility. The facility consists of a combustion unit and a peaker unit. Company A sells the combustion unit to Company B on June 15 of the reporting year, but retains ownership of the peaker unit. From the time of purchase, Company B owned, controlled, and operated the combustion unit and Company A continued to own and operate the peaker unit. What are the reporting responsibilities of Companies A and B for determining thresholds and filing Form R reports?
From the time of the purchase transaction on June 15, there are two separate facilities with two non-related owners and operators. Thus, Company B is responsible only for reporting for the combustion unit after its purchase. Company A is responsible for the combustion unit and the peaker unit prior to sale, but only the peaker unit after the sale. Thus, for threshold determinations, Company A must combine amounts of toxic chemicals manufactured, processed, or otherwise used at the entire facility before the transaction on June 15, with those manufactured, processed, or otherwise used at the peaker unit after the transaction.