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RY 2017 TRI Reporting Forms & Instructions (PDF)(187 pp, 3.6 MB, January 2018)
Reporting Forms and Instructions (RFI) Guidance Document
Use the links below to view the RFI. The RFI contains details on how to determine if TRI reporting is required, how to fill out reporting forms (including detailed explanations of every reporting element on the form), and changes to reporting requirements (if any) for the current reporting year.

Table of Contents

Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Forms and Instructions, Revised 2017 Version (View full document)

Paperwork Reduction Act Notice

Important Information for Reporting Year (RY) 2017

New Information for RY 2017
Other Important Information

A. General Information

A.1 Who Must Report
A.2 How to Submit Forms
A.3 Trade Secret Claims
A.4 Recordkeeping
A.5 How to Revise, Withdraw or Cancel TRI Data
A.6 When the TRI Report Must Be Submitted
A.7 How to Obtain the TRI Reporting Forms
A.8 What to Do If You Do Not Need to Submit any TRI Reports?

B. How to Determine if Your Facility Must Submit a Form R or Is Eligible to Use Form A

B.1 Full-Time Employee Determination
B.2 Primary NAICS Code Determination
B.3 Activity Determination
B.4 Threshold Determinations
B.5 Release and Other Waste Management Determinations for Metals, Metal Category Compounds, and Nitrate Compounds
B.6. Facility Eligibility Determination for Alternate Threshold and for Reporting on TRI Form A Certification Statement

Instructions for Completing TRI Forms R and A

C. Part I. Facility Identification Information (Form R & A)

Section 1. Reporting Year
Section 2. Trade Secret Information
Section 3. Certification
Section 4. Facility Identification
Section 5. Parent Company Information

D. Part II. Chemical Identification Information (Form R & A)

Section 1. EPCRA Section 313 Chemical Identity (Form R & A)
Section 2. Mixture Component Identity (Form R & A)
Section 3. Activities and Uses of the EPCRA Section 313 Chemical at the Facility (Form R)
Section 4. Maximum Amount of the EPCRA Section 313 Chemical On-site at Any Time during the Calendar Year (Form R)
Section 5. Quantity of the Toxic Chemical Entering Each Environmental Medium On-site (Form R)
Section 6. Transfer(s) of the Toxic Chemical in Wastes to Off-Site Locations (Form R)
Section 7. On-Site Waste Treatment, Energy Recovery, and Recycling Methods (Form R)
Section 8. Source Reduction and Waste Management (Form R)
Section 9. Miscellaneous Information

E. Instructions for Completing Form R Schedule 1 (Dioxin and Dioxin-like Compounds)

E.1 What is the Form R Schedule 1?
E.2 Who is required to file a Form R Schedule 1?
E.3 What information is reported on the Form R Schedule 1?
E.4 How do I report Form R Schedule 1 Data?

F. Optional Facility-Level Information and Non-Reporting

Table I. NAICS Codes

Table II. EPCRA Section 313 Chemical List For Reporting Year 2017 (including Toxic Chemical Categories)

Chemical Qualifiers
Individually-Listed Toxic Chemicals
Chemical Categories

Appendix G. Trade Secret Submissions

Introduction to Trade Secret Reporting
G.1 Instructions for Trade Secret Submissions
G.2 Supplemental Form R and Form A Instructions