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CCR Report

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Water System NameAscendingCCR WebsiteWater System WebsiteWater System AliasPopulation ServedSource TypeSystem AddressContact PhoneCities ServedCounties Served
3K ICE AND WATER COMPANY208Ground water purchasedP.O. BOX 324 TINIAN, MP 96952670-433-0003SAN JOSE VILLAGETinian Municipality
99 CENTS SUPERMART WATER1,000Ground water purchasedP. O. BOX 502651 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-235-8220GARAPANSaipan Municipality
AMERICAN MEMORIAL PARK210Ground water purchasedP.O. BOX 5198 CHRB SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-7207GARAPANSaipan Municipality
ANAKS CONDOMINIUM191Ground waterPMB 128 PPP BOX 10000 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-322-8311PUERTO RICOSaipan Municipality
ANGEL HOUSE ENT., INC.60Ground waterPMB 472 BOX 10000 CHINA TOWN SAIPAN, MP 96950670-233-4378CHINA TOWNSaipan Municipality
AQUA RESORT HOTEL514Ground waterP.O. BOX 500009 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-322-1234ACHUGAOSaipan Municipality
AQUA WATER170Ground waterP.O. BOX 202002 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-2112SAN ANTONIOSaipan Municipality
CK TOWNHOUSE/MAC HOMES46Ground waterP.O. BOX 504429 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-0596CHALAN KIYASaipan Municipality
COMMONWEALTH HEALTH CORPORATION1,204Ground waterP.O. BOX 500409 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-8950GARAPANSaipan Municipality
COMMONWEALTH UTILITIES CORP. (ROTA) Exit Exit3,283Groundwater under influence of surface waterP. O. BOX 501220 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-235-7025Rota Municipality
COMMONWEALTH UTILITIES CORP. (SAIPAN) Exit Exit48,524Ground waterP.O. BOX 501220 DANDAN VILLAGE SAIPAN, MP 96950670-235-7025DAN DANSaipan Municipality
COMMONWEALTH UTILITIES CORP. (TINIAN) Exit Exit3,005Ground waterP. O. BOX 501220 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-235-7025SAN JOSE VILLAGETinian Municipality
CORAL OCEAN POINT190Ground waterP.O. BOX 501160 KOBLERVILLE SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-7000KOBLERVILLESaipan Municipality
DAE YOO CORP/SUITE PALMS88Ground waterP.O.BOX 501706 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-0725CHALAN KIYASaipan Municipality
DIAMOND ICE AND WATER155Ground water purchasedPMB 156 BOX 10003 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-322-3222CAPITAL HILLSaipan Municipality
DIAMOND WATER GUALO RAI55Ground waterPMB 156 BOX 10003 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-322-3222GUALO RAISaipan Municipality
DUTY FREE SHOPPERS300Ground waterP.O. Box 500528 CKRB GARAPAN SAIPAN, MP 96950670-236-2514GARAPANSaipan Municipality
FIESTA RESORT & SPA421Ground waterP.O. BOX 501029 CK SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-6412GARAPANSaipan Municipality
FINASISU TERRACE APARTMENT/TAN HOLDINGS393Ground waterPMB 521 BOX 10000 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-235-6527FINASISUSaipan Municipality
HAFADAI BEACH HOTEL409Ground waterP.O. BOX 500338 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-6495GARAPANSaipan Municipality
HOLIDAY SAIPAN RESORT78Ground waterP.O. BOX 5308 CHRB SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-3554GARAPANSaipan Municipality
HORIGUCHI BUILDING/ FUJI PACIFIC82Ground waterP.O. BOX 504429 SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-0596GARAPANSaipan Municipality
HYATT HOTEL STAFF HOUSING77Ground waterP.O. BOX 5087 CHRB SAIPAN, MP 96950670-234-1234CHINA TOWNSaipan Municipality
HYATT REGENCY HOTEL409Ground waterP.O. BOX 5087 CHRB SAIPAN, MP 96950670-323-5836GARAPANSaipan Municipality
  • 1 - 25 of 70