Arkansas External Repository Report

06Enforcement11/07/2019CAA Administrative Order on ConsentAirButterball LLC, Huntsville, ARHuntsville FacilityHuntsvilleAR11/15/2019
06Enforcement10/01/2019Administrative OrderRCRAUSDA Dale BumpersUSDA Dale BumpersStuttgartAR10/11/2019
06Enforcement10/01/2019Administrative OrderRCRAUSDA DupreeUSDA DupreeStuttgartAR10/11/2019
06Enforcement09/26/2019EPCRA 313 Notice of NoncomplianceEPCRAKawneer Company Inc., Springdale, ARKawneer Company, Inc.SpringdaleAR10/10/2019
06Enforcement09/26/2019EPCRA 313 Notice of NoncomplianceEPCRAAlrez Resins Inc., Crossett, ARAlrez Resins, Inc.CrossettAR10/10/2019
06Enforcement09/24/2019FIFRA-06-2019-0325 Consent Agreement and Final OrderFIFRACAFO-Kohler Company, SheridanKohler CompanySheridanAR09/30/2019
06Enforcement07/10/2019Lead Renovation, Repair, and Paint Inspection; Notice of No Further ActionTSCAFort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center, Barling, AR; Lead Renovation Repair and Paint Inspection NFAFort Chaffee Maneuver Training CenterBarlingAR08/29/2019
06Enforcement07/10/2019Toxic Substances Control Act, Lead Renovate Repair and Paint Rule Inspection - No Further ActionTSCALittle Rock Air Force Base, AR; Lead RRP Rule NFALittle Rock Air Force BaseLittle Rock Air Force BaseAR08/29/2019
06Enforcement07/10/2019Toxic Substances Control Act, Lead Renovate Repair and Paint Rule Inspection - No Further ActionTSCAHunt Property Management, Little Rock Air Force Base, AR; Lead RRP Rule NFAHunt Property Management - Little Rock Air Force BaseLittle Rock Air Force BaseAR08/29/2019
06Enforcement08/19/2019FIFRA-06-2019-0327 Consent Agreement and Final OrderFIFRACAFO-Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution, Inc., LepantoPinnacle Agriculture Distribution, Inc.LepantoAR08/27/2019
06Enforcement06/26/2019CAA Administrative Order on ConsentAirPeco Foods, Inc., Batesville, ARPeco FoodsBatesvilleAR07/12/2019
06Inspection06/13/2019CAA 112(r) Inspection ReportAirLanxess Great Lakes Chemical, El Dorado, ARSouth PlantEl DoradoAR07/08/2019
06Inspection06/20/2019CAA Inspection ReportAirDomtar AW LLC Ashdown Mill, Ashdown, ARAshdown MillAshdownAR07/01/2019
06Inspection06/18/2019CAA 112(r) Inspection ReportAirChemours El Dorado Plant, El Dorado, ARChemours El Dorado PlantEl DoradoAR06/28/2019
06Inspection02/20/2019RCRA Inspection ReportRCRAUSDA - Harry K Dupree Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center, Stuttgart, ARUSDA - Harry K Dupree Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research CenterStuttgartAR04/05/2019
06Inspection03/13/2019RCRA Inspection ReportRCRAUSDA - Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center, Stuttgart, ARUSDA - Dale Bumpers National Rice Research CenterStuttgartAR04/05/2019
06Inspection02/20/2019Inspection Report with Lab Report RCRAUS Technology Inspection Report with Laboratory AnalysisUS Technology Corporation Ft. Smith Fort SmithAR03/20/2019
06Inspection02/20/2019Inspection ReportRCRAHarry K Dupree Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center Inspection ReportHarry K Dupree Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center StuttgartAR03/19/2019
06Inspection03/13/2019Inspection reportRCRADale Bumpers National Rice Research CenterDale Bumpers National Rice Research Center StuttgartAR03/19/2019
06Inspection02/20/2019RCRA Inspection ReportRCRAUS Technology Corporation Fort Smith, ARUS Technology Corporation - Fort SmithFort SmithAR03/02/2019
05Enforcement02/06/2019CAA Finding of Violation AirFinding of Violation Against Thunder Diesel & Performance, Co.Thunder Diesel & Performance, Co.Mountain HomeAR02/18/2019
06Enforcement03/22/2018CWA-06-2018-1769 Administrative OrderWaterSinclair Operating Company, LLC , El Dorado, ARSinclair Operating Company, LLC Stylite Townsend Tank Battery El DoradoAR01/30/2019
06Enforcement12/11/2018CWA-06-2018-1751 Consent Agreement and Final OrderWaterJerry Langley Oil Company LLC, Smackover, Union County, ARJerry Langley Oil Company LLCSmackoverAR12/21/2018
06Inspection12/07/2018TSCA LRRP Inspection ReportRCRA:TSCAHunt Companies family base housing, Little Rock Air Force Base, ARLRAFB - Hunt Companies family base housingLittle Rock Air Force BaseAR12/17/2018
06Inspection12/06/2018TSCA LRRP Inspection ReportRCRA:TSCAPine Bluff Arsenal, Pine Bluff, ARPine Bluff ArsenalPine BluffAR12/16/2018
06Inspection11/30/2018TSCA RRP Inspection ReportRCRA:TSCACamp Joseph T. Robinson, North Little Rock, ARCamp Joseph T. RobinsonNorth Little RockAR12/10/2018
06Inspection11/30/2018TSCA LRRP Inspection ReportRCRA:TSCAFt. Chaffee Maneuver Training Center Barling, ARFt. Chaffee Maneuver Training CenterBarlingAR12/10/2018
06Enforcement11/27/2018RCRA-06-2013-0904 Unilateral Administrative Order Close Out LetterRCRAParker Solvents Company, Inc., Fort Smith, ARParker Solvents Company, Inc.Fort SmithAR12/07/2018
06Enforcement11/06/2018CAA-06-2018-3325 Administrative Order on ConsentAirButterball, LLC, Jonesboro, ARButterball, LLC JonesboroAR11/16/2018
06Enforcement11/02/2018CAA~06~2019~3302 Consent Agreement and Final OrderAirButterball, LLC - Jonesboro Poultry Processing Plant, Jonesboro, ARButterball, LLC - Jonesboro Poultry Processing PlantJonesboroAR11/12/2018
06Enforcement11/02/2018CAA-06-2019-3302 Consent Agreement and Final OrderAirButterball LLC, Jonesboro, ARButterball LLCJonesboroAR11/12/2018
06Enforcement11/01/2018CAA-06-2018-3325 Administrative Compliance Order on ConsentAirButterball, LLC - Jonesboro Poultry Processing Plant, Jonesboro, ARButterball, LLC - Jonesboro Poultry Processing PlantJonesboroAR11/11/2018
06Inspection09/24/2018CWA Inspection ReportWaterCity of Fort Smith - P Street WWTP Facility, Fort Smith, ARCity of Fort Smith - P Street WWTP FacilityFort SmithAR10/04/2018
06Inspection09/24/2018CWA Inspection ReportWaterCity of Fort Smith - Massard WWTP, Barling, ARCity of Fort Smith - Massard WWTPBarlingAR10/04/2018
06Enforcement06/14/2017CWA-06-2018-1773 Administrative OrderWaterPerdue Commercial Disposal, LLC, Strong, ARPerdue Commercial Disposal, LLC - Perdue Townsend 6 SWD LeaseStrongAR09/22/2018
06Enforcement08/29/2018CWA 06-2018-2013 Administrative OrderWaterCity of Blytheville, AR, WWTP Laboratory, Blytheville, ARCity of Blytheville, AR, WWTP LaboratoryBlythevilleAR09/08/2018
06Inspection08/22/2018CWA Inspection ReportWaterLBOC LLC Staples Oleny Lion Calion Union County ArkansasLBOC, LLC - Staples-Olney-LionCalionAR09/03/2018
06Enforcement08/22/2018CWA-06-2018-1771 Administrative OrderWaterDaniel Operating Company, Inc., Strong, ARDaniel Operating Company - Union Sawmill - #2 Salt Water DisposalStrongAR09/01/2018
06Inspection08/14/2018CAA Consent Decree Follow-up Inspection ReportAirLion Oil dba Delek U.S., El Dorado, ARLion Oil Co./Delek US - El Dorado RefineryEl DoradoAR08/24/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterBelva Oil LL Pumprey Lease El Dorado Union County ArkansasBelva Oil, LLC - Pumprey LeaseEl DoradoAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterW J and B David Frisby Anthony 1 El Dorado Union County ArkansasW. J. and B. David Frisby - Anthony 1 tank batteryEl DoradoAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterThe Bonds Company Production LLC Curry Magnolia Ouachita County ArkansasThe Bonds Company Production, LLC - Curry tank batteryMagnoliaAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterSmackover Drilling Company Inc Roze 7 16 17 Ezzell C3 C5 El Dorado Union County ArkansasSmackover Drilling Company, Inc. - Rose 7, 16, 17 and Ezzell C3, C5El DoradoAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterRebel Producing LLC ML Summers El Dorado Union County ArkansasRebel Producing, LLC - ML SummersEl DoradoAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterLanxess Corporation Bromine Facility Emerson Union County ArkansasLanxess Corporation - Bromine FacilityEmersonAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterLamkin Oil Inc Linkous B3 B4 Stephens Ouachita County ArkansasLamkin Oil, Inc. - Linkous B-3, B-4StephensAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterJamie Oil LLC Ezzell 2B El Dorado Union County ArkansasJamie Oil, Inc. - Ezzell 2BEl DoradoAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterHutcheson Commercial Disposal LLC West Baldwin Magnolia Columbia County ArkansasHutcheson Commercial Disposal, LLC - West BaldwinMagnoliaAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterDaniel Operating Company Inc Unknown Urbana Union County ArkansasDaniel Operating Company, Inc. - Unknown (33.157587, -92.396525)UrbanaAR08/08/2018
06Inspection07/25/2018SDWA Inspection ReportWaterBeren Corporation Unknown El Dorado Union County ArkansasBeren Corporation - Unknown (33.254605, -92.53476)El DoradoAR08/08/2018
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