Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection

Funding Program Name: National Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost-Share Program
Program Overview The U.S. Forest Service's Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost-Share Grant Program seeks to establish sustainable urban and community forests by encouraging communities to manage and protect their natural resources. The program works to achieve a number of goals, including (1) effectively communicating information about the social, economic, and ecological values of urban and community forests; (2) involving diverse resource professionals in urban and community forestry issues; and (3) supporting a holistic view of urban and community forestry. In particular, the program supports an ecosystem approach to managing urban forests for their benefits to air quality, stormwater runoff, wildlife and fish habitat, and other related ecosystem concerns. The Forest Service awards these grants based on recommendations made by The National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council, a 15-member advisory council created by the 1990 Farm Bill to provide advice to the Secretary of Agriculture on urban and community forestry. These grants are intended to address national issues or opportunities related to urban and community forestry. Local proposals are asked to contact their state forestry agency.
Application Deadline See website
When Funds are Available After mid-April and prior to September 30.
Average annual number of applicants 50
Typical percentage of applicants funded 8%
Is a matched amount required? Yes
Match Amount All grant funds must be matched at least equally (dollar for dollar) with non-federal source funds. This match may include in-kind donations, volunteer assistance, and private and public (non-federal) monetary contributions.
Funding Level FY 2016 $900,000
Funding Level FY 2015 TBD
Funding Level FY 2014 $900,000
Funding Level FY 2013 $900,000
Typical lowest amount awarded $40,000
Typical highest amount awarded $300,000
Typical median amount awarded $180,000
Other details on funding N/A
Primary Address Nancy Stremple
Urban and Community Forestry Staff, Mail Stop 1151
USDA Forest Service
1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, DC 20250-1151
Primary Telephone (202) 205-7829
Primary Email nstremple@fs.fed.us
Primary Internet www.fs.fed.us/ucf/nucfac.shtml
Secondary Address Nancy Stremple, USDA Forest Service
Urban and Community Forestry Staff, Mail Stop 1151
1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, DC 20250-1151
Secondary Telephone (202) 205-1054
Secondary Email mbthomas@fs.fed.us
Secondary Internet www.fs.fed.us/ucf/about_overview.shtml
Legislative Authority Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978, as amended, Section 9
Associated Keywords Air Quality/Deposition, Best Management Practices, Drinking Water, Economic Development, Enforcement/Compliance, Floodplains/Riparian Zones, Forests, Green Infrastructure/LID, Ground Water, Invasive Species, Land Acquisition, Monitoring, Nonpoint Source Control, Outreach/Education, Partnerships, Planning, Pollution Prevention, Restoration, Source Water Protection, Stormwater Management, Water Conservation, Watershed Management, Wetlands, Wildlife
Eligible Organizations Business, Community/Watershed Group, Conservation District, Educational Institution, Local Government, Nonprofit Groups, State/Territorial Agency, Tribal Agency, Water and Wastewater Utilities
Eligibility Constraints Must be national in scope and benefit the nation or regional area (multiple states). Local demonstration areas must provide national dissemination and application.