Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection

User Guide

1. Performing Basic Database Searches
2. Manipulating Data and Downloading Results (APEX Report Help)

1. Performing Basic Database Searches

1.A. Searching for Programs
1.B. Viewing a List of All Available Programs

1.A. Searching for Programs. You have several options to help identify potential funding programs that meet your organizational/project needs. On the Catalog's main search page (Figure 1), you may select one or more boxes in the following search areas. (Tip: to select more than one item at a time within a search area, hold down the "Ctrl" key during selection.)

  • Type of Assistance: Indicates the type of funding assistance that you are interested in receiving (grants, loans, or both)
  • Eligible Organization: Indicates the type of organization you represent (search results will bring up only those funding programs for which your organization qualifies)
  • Match Required: Allows you to indicate whether you want to consider programs that require matching funds (usually a percentage of the total project cost provided as cash or in-kind services by your organization or its partners)
  • Agency: Allows you to limit your search to particular federal agencies (e.g., EPA, USDA)
  • Keywords: Allows you to narrow your search. Programs are categorized into many different issue areas, depending on that program’s focus. Select the keyword(s) from the list that best relate to your project.
  • Additional Keyword Search: Allows you to add keywords of your own if the search page’s keyword list does not adequately capture your program’s focus. You must separate multiple keywords using commas.

For more detailed information about a particular funding program, click on the name of the program in the "Program Name" column. After reading about that program, click on your Web browser's "Back" button to return to your search results page.

Figure 1. Main search page for the Catalog of Federal Funding for Watershed Protection.

1.B. Viewing a List of All Available Programs. To view a list of every program available in the database, perform a search using the default search criteria on the main search page (Figure 1). (Note: to conduct a default search, allow "Select All" to remain highlighted at the top of each select list and do not enter text in the "Additional Keyword Search" box). The default search will generate a results listing at the bottom of the page.

2. Manipulating Data and Downloading Results (APEX Report Help)

A basic search using the main search screen (see Figure 1) will generate a list of program results at the bottom of the main page. Once the program results are generated, additional data manipulation tools become visible at the top of the results area (Figure 2). Tools include (a) a search bar, (b) a check box option to group results by "Agency," and (c) an "Actions" button.

Figure 2. Once a search has been completed, additional data manipulation tools become visible above your list of results.

2.A. Search Bar. You may enter additional keywords in the search box and click on the "Go" button to narrow your program results further (see Figure 2, top left). Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will allow you to select particular columns for your additional keyword search (e.g., clicking on the magnifying glass, selecting "Overview," and entering "watershed" will return results for all programs that have the word watershed in the overview).

2.B. "Agency" Check Box. A search generates a list of program results at the bottom of the main page. By default, the programs are grouped by agency. By removing the check from the box next to the word "Agency" (see Figure 2, directly under the search box), the results will instead be displayed in alphabetical order.

2.C. "Actions" Button. Additional tools are available to help you customize your results and download them for later use. As seen in Figure2, clicking on the "Actions" button creates a drop-down box that displays the following tools:

  • Select Columns: Alter the layout of your results by selecting certain columns for display
  • Filter: Apply filters to narrow your search further
  • Rows Per Page: Change the number of rows displayed per page of results
  • Format: Change the format of the display. If you click on "Format" in the drop-down box, a side box appears that provides two additional options: "Sort," which allows you to sort results alphabetically, and "Control Break," which allows you to add/remove the dark header line that provides a visual break between program or agency.
  • Reset: Remove previous modifications to your search and return to the original search results
  • Help: View a pop-up page with extensive information about database functions typically available with this type of system. Because the Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection is a relatively small database, not all functions described in this "Help" pop-up box are available for use.
  • Download: Click on "Download" to generate a separate box (Figure 3), which provides options to (1) save or view the results in spreadsheet format, (2) save or view the results in HTML (Web-ready) format, or (3) have the system email the file to a specified address.

Figure 3. A program results report can be downloaded or viewed using these buttons, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Actions" button and then clicking on "Download" (see Figure 2).

Have Questions or Comments?

For more information about the Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection, or to submit changes or additions to the programs listed in the database, please contact the Watershed Academy at wacademy@epa.gov.

For more information about how to manipulate the Catalog’s program data and generate reports, please contact Anne Weinberg at weinberg.anne@epa.gov.