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The Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection Web site is a searchable database of financial assistance sources (grants, loans, cost-sharing) available to fund a variety of watershed protection projects. To select funding programs for particular requirements, use the search below. You can use subject matter criteria based searches, or general word based searches of the funding programs, or both.

Criteria searches include the type of organization (e.g., non-profit groups, private landowner, state, business), type of assistance sought (grants or loans), and keywords (e.g., agriculture, wildlife habitat).

Searches result in a listing of programs by name. Click on each program name to review detailed information on the funding source.

For more information on how to use this page please visit the User Guide (Tip: to view the User Guide while working on the database, right click on the link and open it in a new window).

After you complete your initial search, you may create downloadable reports or perform more specific searches using the "Actions" button and the magnifying glass/search box found above the data display.

Note: This database does not present sources that offer only technical assistance. In addition, it also does not contain information about small, site-specific federal sources or non-federal sources.