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NOTE: Data files in the repository are NOT QUALITY CHECKED and are in no way endorsed or verified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The repository is simply a service offered to RETIGO users to share data. The data in the repository is provided on an AS-IS basis.

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Fine particulate matter (PM2.5)
Coarse particulate matter (PM10)
Ultrafine particles
PM-black carbon
PM-organic carbon
PM-particle-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Nitrogen oxide (NO)
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
Ozone (O3)
Methane (CH4)
Wind speed and direction


Share a data file

You may upload a data file into the RETIGO data repository for other people to view.

Perhaps you are interested in sharing your data for project teammates to easily access, or with the broader public for others to explore environmental data. You are welcome to store your RETIGO-formatted data here. Please note the following conditions apply:

  • We ask for some information about you and your measurements – we will use the information about your measurements to allow others to search for your data. Your contact information is for us to be able to contact you if needed about your data and will never be shared.

  • Any data you do provide will be made available to RETIGO users via our data search page. We do not have private data storage available at this time, so please only share your data with the full understanding that it will be made open access.
Terms and Conditions:

  • It is the responsibility of the user to format their data according to RETIGO standards and verify the quality of their data. Uploading data to RETIGO does not indicate any level of quality assurance nor endorsement of the data by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  • It is the responsibility of the user to read and evaluate the limitations and intended use of the RETIGO data visualization tool.

  • Any data uploaded to RETIGO will be made open access and there is no private access option. Personal identifiers or sensitive data should not be incorporated into a data set published for open access. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reserves the right to remove uploaded data or deny access to upload data at any time.

  • Neither EPA, EPA contractors, nor any other organizations cooperating with EPA assume any responsibility for damages or other liabilities related to the accuracy, availability, use or misuse of the data provided by the user.
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