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RETIGO Timestamp Converter

This tool can convert timestamps from a variety of formats to the UTC/ISO 8601 timestamp required by RETIGO. The converted timestamps can be copied and pasted into another application (such as a spreadsheet) to create a valid RETIGO input file. If you do not see a format that matches your data file, please send the RETIGO development team a note via the feedback box on the RETIGO home page

1) Select the format of your timestamp data.

2) If needed, specify the timezone and starting date of your data. Note: not all formats require this information.

3) Paste your timestamp data into the box below (one timestamp per line).

4) If desired, specify the timezone of the converted data. While not required, this if offered as a convenience if you prefer to see timestamps relative to a particular timezone.

5) Hit the "Convert" button to convert the timestamps into the format used by RETIGO.

Original Timezone:
Starting Date:

Output Timezone:     

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  Converted timestamps:

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